The Swings… The Story

So before I get too far into this blog thing, I need to address the swings. People are going to read this blog and come across a comment about sex swings and start wondering what is going on.

This is understood. We own a sex swing business. I thought it was important to address it right away because it is a very unusual business. I know some people will be put off our blog because this, but I am ok with that. This is our life, and this is just what we do.

So over the years, we have owned a lot of different small businesses. With each business we learn more about business, marketing, life and what we want from life. Before we got into the swing business, we owned a brand that was manufacturing baby products.

The business was good to us for a lot of years, but it was not a business we loved, but we learned a lot about pricing and marketing. After years of doing this, we signed a 5 year lease on a very expensive piece of equipment to sew webbing quicker. Only 1 month after signing the lease, someone offered to buy the brand from us. So lacking the passion for the baby business, we sold it.

This left us with a 5 year lease on some expensive webbing sewing machines and they were not generating any money. So we searched for items we could produce with our skill set, that had the margins and pricing point we were aiming for. We were also looking for a market where there was not a lot of competition and we could educate people about the products. This is when we discovered sex swings.

The swings met all of our goals.

Now the sex swing business is not as glamorous as some people may think. There are not naked people walking around the shop or anything like that. Our shop is basically a 3 car garage with 2 sewing machines and a couple packing tables. That is it. Everything is packaged in boring brown boxes.


Our average client is in the range of 45-55 year old couple that is looking for some adventure after their kids went off to college. There are a few that are things like wedding gifts or Valentines day gifts from young people.

So the swing business is really pretty vanilla.

Start Now! Good Intentions Mean Nothing Without Action.

First off, I want to welcome everyone to my blog. The most difficult post on a blog for most people is the first one. That is where I find myself today. The obligatory “why I am blogging post”.

I am writing this blog to help my friends and family learn how to do what it is that we do for a living to make our life so flexible. One of our most important and consistent messages is to just “start now”. Take action because without action all the best thoughts will result in nothing.

The ironic thing is that I have had the intentions and even owned this domain name for more then 2 years and it is only now today that I am here writing this first blog post.

For some people this is because of fear of change. For some it is call paralysis by analysis. What ever the reason most people have the most difficulty in any journey with the first step, but you can never reach the end of a journey or achieve a goal without at least taking the first step in the right direction.A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

So today, I begin my journey. I can not be certain what this blog will become, but I have had many, many, ideas for it over the years.

My overall goals for this blog are to get people moving towards a life that makes them happy. The most important basic concepts will be…

  • Wealth is not just money, but time and money. A balance of having time to use the money you earn AND having enough money to do the things you want with the time you have.
  • Internet marketing and outsourcing. How we generate money without a 9 to 5 job
  • Living life and doing the things you dream rather then just dreaming about a potential future.
  • Things are not the best for your life just because everyone else is doing it.
  • If something makes you unhappy or stressed out, eliminate it.

Over time, I am sure this blog will grow to include more topics, but this is just my jumping off point. As I mentioned above, the most important step to any journey is to take the first step and then you need to correct course as you go.

Thanks for taking the time to read this first post and I hope we can all learn something together on this adventure.