Aspen, 4 weeks old, and on the road Travel with a newborn

As many of you know Aspen was born a bit “over due”. She was due to arrive on the 4th of May 2015 and waited a full 2 weeks more and showed up on the 18th of May! Scott and the girls had planned to hit the road on their corss-country trip (Canada to Key West, FL) on the 19th of May. This put a change of plans. But not by much. Most other women, ok, pretty much ALL women, would think I was 100% nuts! But, I insisted they leave ASAP and that Aspen and I would just follow along in the mini-van.

Sure I would have loved to spend (at least a week) cuddling my newborn and living in bliss of baby-ness… but, that is not really my life nor the “Alexander way”. I would have ended up in the shop working if not on the road- so I picked the one that was more fun- the road!

So on the morning of May 21st, with a 3 day old in the car, we set off to drop Scott and the girls off at the Canandian boarder and start our new adventure, south bound.

The first few days were hard. Mostly because I was still dealing with a lot of fresh emotions that are natural for a new mom who just birthed a baby. Plus, learning my baby’s cues, nursing and cloth diapering on the road.


The hardest part was at night. I am a huge co-sleeper advocate and I have never slept apart from any of my babies, so putting Aspen in a makeshift “crib” aka: laundry basket; left me in a total mess, crying all night. I cried at Burger King the night we did Mackinac Island (a full day of walking) “Scott, I had a baby 4 days ago”….

But, mostly it has been great. People adore babies and it is good lead into me talking to people. She is a happy baby that only fusses when she is hungry or needs a diaper change. Her biggest melt downs are in the car, normally in a spot it is impossible for me to pull over- like the second I hit Chicago on a dark night- and almost to WI. That night sucked!

She loves to be in her baby carrier, so it was good that I grabbed them when I had gone home for one night.

Scott and I could not ask for better big sisters. Rainey and Breeze are never-ending with their love for Aspen.


Here is the breakdown of Aspen’s first 28 days….
Aspen has been to 5 states.
At least 10 museums or educational locations
1 horse buggy ride
4 nights at home
1 night at Mimi and Papas
2 nights in a 5th wheel
2 nights in a rustic cabin
19 nights in a hotel
1 food sourse
3 blankets – down to 2, lost one
10 new outfits
2 airport visits (pick-up and drop-off of Grandma- Grandma’s trip was great and I (Ang) am totally greatful she was able to help me on this trip with a newborn. I didn’t really think I needed the help, but it nice to have it.)

I can’t believe she is 4 weeks old already. But, then her face and cuddles feel like I have always known them. I wish time could slow down, it moves so fast and her little face changes and grows every day. She is getting little fat rolls on her legs and arms and her belly is filling in and getting round.

Although our life is “on the go” I think she fits right in. She seems to go with the flow and is happy to just have someone holding her. We are blessed with her and we hope her life is blessed with new adventures filled with education, family and love.

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  1. Grandma says:

    I too am so blessed that I was able to be a part of her first few weeks. To be able to enjoy and share in the trip southbound with her sissy’s, mommy and daddy was priceless. The Alexander family is a fun, loving and very caring bunch. I am so proud of all of you!

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