Automated Income and Outsourcing

Posted by: Scott Alexander on December 8, 2012 Under: Outsourcing

Outsourcing and Automated income go together like bacon and eggs or peanut butter and jelly, but many people do not really think about that when they are getting into the business.

Many people are rather intimidated by the whole idea of outsourcing and think that they can not do it unless they are a major company and have lots of products or services and employees. Nothing could be further from the truth. Today outsourcing has evolved to the point that anybody can outsource almost all of their work no matter how big or small for just a few bucks.

Actually, outsourcing is essential to automated income. Passive income refers to earning an income off of a very large asset in the form of interest or royalties and you do not have to work for it. With automated income, the rules are completely different. There is no massive asset sitting there at least initially. With automated income, there is usually a lot of work. The part that makes it automated is that you develop systems in place that allow someone else to do all the work for you.

This sound complicated, but it is really fairly simple. Here is an example of how you can break it down into small manageable jobs. This is the same plan I am using for the development of my niche websites.

  1. Blog Creation – I first hired someone to create and manage blogs on an on going basis. 10 hours per week, under $30 per week
  2. Content Creator – I hired someone to write articles for blogs that are related to my topics. $3 per article
  3. Spinner – I hired a spinner to spin articles created by the content creator. 10 hours per week, under $30 per week.
  4. I hired a submitter for Unique Article Wizard to submit articles spun by the spinner.$20 per week
  5. The spinner sends articles to the submitter and the blog maintainer and the blog maintainer posts them to the blogs.

So for about $90 per week, I have my own little SEO engine in place and working on several different niche site.

Now having this little SEO team is NOT my primary goal. My primary goal is to automate my self out of work, so this is just the beginning step. It takes a little skill to hire the perfect people on oDesk, so this entire process is also just as much about me learning how to hire people on oDesk and develop a system. This is a great learning experience. My hope is to look at my team and learn their skills and promote some of them to higher level positions such as being a VA where they can start taking on more responsibility and I can start having less.

So while outsourcing may sound complicated, start small and build your team. There is no way you can manage a team perfectly on your first try. You will mess up. You will have bad contractors. You will learn.

The most important thing is that if you want to have an automated income, you will need to find someone to put in place to run the system, so you may as well start working on that today.