Day 30: Fayettesville TN to Huntsville AL Daily: 34.01 miles Tour Total: 1071.86 miles

Before I get too far into this post, I want to address the mileage. I know that the map does not reflect the total miles of the day. The reason for this is that at a point in mid-day we met up with Ang and went to a museum with her. When doing this, we removed all the expensive stuff from our bikes including our watches. When wee returned later we forgot the watches until just after Ang left, so we recorded the last 8 miles of the trip on the iPhone.

Today was an interesting day. Once we crossed into Alabama, the roads went to crap. We spent much of the day driving on roads that were 65 mph with no shoulder and a bunch of drivers that do not move over. Add that with the 95 degrees and sun and it was another rough day. There were several times in the day where we just felt it was not safe to proceed and we stopped and walked our bike for a couple miles in the grass way clear of the road. On this trip, safety is first, so anytime anyone of us is not comfortable with the road, we walk. This happened a few days back when climbing a mountain in KY and there was a narrow shoulder with a low guard rail. Breeze was not comfortable so we walked about 1/2 mile up the mountain. Safety 1st.

Once we got to Huntsville, we visited the Rocket Center and Museum. When we were there Rainey noticed a lunar landing map and that all the numbers of the Appollo missions were there, but there was no 13. She looked all over and there was no mention of it in the museum that she could find. So when we returned to the hotel we rented the movie Appollo 13 so she could solve the mystery.

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