Day 8: Reed City MI to Grand Rapids MI Daily: 68.41 miles - Tour Total: 322.7 miles

Day 8:

Today was the biggest single day ride the girls have ever done. 68 miles and that was on their touring bikes not their road bikes. That is pretty impressive.

Breeze attributes it to the comfy pull out couch at Darins and Marcias. I think it is more than likely that were we on the White Pine rails-to-trails the entire day and there were really no good options to stop at. We were meeting up with Angela and Aspen again so we needed to find a hotel.

Being an old railroad grade, there were no hills and 41 of the miles of trail were paved and the 27 that were dirt were pretty hard packed. The miles came pretty easy on this trail.

Angela drove to WI last night to get her mom this morning She flew from Seattle to help with Aspen and will be on the road with us for a bit too. The girls were very excited to see her.

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  1. Grandma says:

    I was going to write that this was my favorite day, the day I got to hug all my girls! But everyday with all of you were my favorite days of my life. <3

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