Fastest Way To Fail At Niche Marketing

Posted by: Scott Alexander on February 9, 2013 Under: Income Automation, Niche Marketing

Now there is a lot of advice out there on what to do and what not to do online. There is a whole art to picking keywords and target markets, but the single most important thing to success is to do something…. and repeat.

There is no way to fail faster than not starting. If you do nothing and expect something to happen, then you are living on a different planet. If you do something for 2 weeks and then sit and wait and expect something to happen, then you are probably on that same “other planet”.

Now, one of the best blogs on the internet about niche site marketing is Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income blog. It is understood that Pat makes a good deal of his money from focusing on teaching people how to make money and that is fine, but we cannot all be in that niche, so I typically ignore that income. My only really focus is his niche site income.

His niche site monthly income is just over $3k a month from his security guard training site in about 2.5 years. Not too bad. Probably not enough to live on, but not too bad. Now consider that he spends the bulk of his time on his Smart Passive Income site and that starts to change the story a little bit. What if he spends 50% of his time on the SPI site and 50% on his niche site. That means for those of us not working in the “how to make money” niche, we could instead have 2 niche sites in the same amount of time. Now that $3K a month is $3K a month times 2 sites and we are making $72K a year. Now we are starting to earn some money. In reality, he actually spends closer to 10% of his time on the niche site. Does that mean we could fit 10 niche sites in the same time and be making $30K a month?

Well probably not exactly. The fact is that not all sites work. Even if you are the smartest person and the hardest worker, some sites will fail. So lets assume that I make the 10 sites and 5 fail, I am ok with $15K a month after only 2.5 years of work, sounds ok to me.

Now that is a lot of complete speculation and random guessing, but the fact remains if you do nothing or you quit, you get NOTHING!

Now I mention very often that picking a topic that is your passion is the most important thing to success. It does not need to be something you are an expert on, but something that you truly enjoy. To demonstrate this, we are currently creating and documenting the creation of 2 niche sites. I am creating one focusing on swimming. This is something that I am not a true expert on, but it is something that I know more than 98% of my target audience, and is one of my passions. My wife meanwhile is creating a blog on brewing beer. This is something she knows absolutely nothing about other than she likes beer. She is going to blog and have her audience learn along with her. Two completely different approaches to blogging, but both are in line with our passions.

Niche Site Marketing Growth for 2.5 years

30 month history of Pat Flynn’s niche marketing site.

Why is the passion thing so important? Well consider this chart of the income from the niche site created by Pat for SPI. During the first 2 months of work, Pat create a total revenue of $18. That is about $2 per week for all his work and the time to create a blog. After 8 weeks and not even hitting $20 total, how many people would be able to continue to create content. 99% of blogs that fail will fail right here. They quit before they really get going. It took about 10 months before it started earning any real income, and about 18 months before it started hitting its stride. In watching other blogs, this seems to be a fairly good timeline. 18 months before you really have your blog tuned in. That is a long time, but now that you know that, there is a goal.

The other important thing is to start NOW!!!! I can not stress that enough. It will take you 18 months (or more) to get where you want to be. 18 months is a long time. But if you think, ponder, read, analyze, tinker, read some more and then debate topics for 6 months, well you still have 18 more months before you reach your goal. It is 18 months no matter when you start. So the best idea is to start TODAY!. Start now, get a hosting account and start putting content down on a consistent basis.

I know it is hard, I have been there. I currently own 2 domain names that I believe are very good markets. One of them I have had for 2 years and the other for 1 year. At this time I have made a grand total of about $200. I bought them, had the idea and then let them sit there. If I would have just acted on them, I would no longer be doing the work in my life that I hate. My life would be different already.

So if you want to fail quickly, do nothing. If you want to success, start today and then do more tomorrow, and 18 months of doing something, daily, will change your life.