Go Deep Blue….. DoTerra love!

I have been using oils for a few months now and I have found many to be of great help in my very active family. I use Lavender to help sooth my baby. When I was in labor I used Clary Sage to get my early labor to move into “active” labor. My active labor lasted all but 2 1/2 hours! I rubbed it on my ankles and took a few baths with drops of Clary Sage in the bath water.

I also use On-Guard all the time. It helps to keep the germs away and with 3 kids and lots of athletics in my house and basically living on the road in hotel rooms, it is key to keep other peoples germs away! Rub it on feet, chest and diffuse it. Plus it smells LOVELY! I actually keep some in a spray bottle with some water and spray myself down daily and spray the kids or the air as often as possible!

When the girls are doing races I find taking a cotton ball and putting Breathe on it and attaching it with a hair tie to their wrist or handle bars allows them to inhale it deep when they are in the middle of a race. Opening up their lungs and giving them the boost they need. And of course rubbing it on their chest right before the race starts.

DEEP BLUE- testimonial….

But this post is about what seems to be the favorite of my family, DEEP BLUE by DoTerra. Currently they are about 1200 miles into their bike trip and have been hitting some big hills in KY, TN and AL (yes Alabama has some of the biggest hills so far). I have been asked, no, begged, by Scott and Breeze for Deep Blue rubs at night. Rainey, who is hard to get to put anything on her skin, asked me for some Deep Blue the other night.

Think Icy Hot, but… um…. more awesome! They swear by it. Not only does it make them feel warm and cool at the same time, it really does make them not cramp up at night and get deep relief from those sore muscles. It allows them to get up the next day and put in another 50-70 miles up hills and on windy roads without achy legs.

I know the tube is kind of pricy. But try it- once and you will understand how there is awesome, and then there is a whole other level.. like “awesome sauce, with awesome sauce on-top!”

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