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Posted by: Scott Alexander on February 24, 2013 Under: Tips and Tricks

One of the most important things you can do in any type of internet marketing is to produce good content and to do it consistently. Well readers of this blog know that we recently created the Niche Site Starter Series in which we show you step by step how we are making niche sites and then we are tracking the results here.

Well an interesting thing happened. We started filling in the data today for last week and we quickly realized that we have not been doing such a good job of creating content. Actually we have been terrible. For the most part, in the last week we have produced no meaningful content.

niche marketing content creation

Now this does not mean we were are not working. Actually quite the opposite is true. We have put in many many more hours into work this week then we have in recent months, but when it comes to these two sites, some how they just fell through the cracks. We currently are running 6 main sites in addition to a few that are just idle for the moment. We have a manufacturing company and we are currently developing products for a second physical products company in addition to writing a couple of e-books. So we have a lot on our plate. So while we did a ton of work this week, we just missed producing content for our two niche sites in the starter series.

Having noticed this, we have gone back and looked at work on some of our other sites and we see a pattern that is much the same. We work like crazy producing content sometimes and then our focus shifts to other sites and then some sites get neglected. It is amazing how fast time can go when you are busy. Shift your focus away from a site for just a little bit and next thing you know you have neglected your site for weeks.

To succeed in internet marketing, you must product content regularly to stay relevant and to build your audience. It is also very important to engage with your audience through different social platforms. Even if your main focus is someplace else, you have to be engaged so your audience knows you are there… and search engines know you are active.

So to help with this problem, we have developed this sheet to help you record your sites activities for the week. This will make it very obvious to you if you are neglecting a property or not. It is based on the chart we originally created for tracking the Niche Site Starter Series, but we have expanded it to help us track all of our properties. Plan a schedule for content that you would like to maintain and try to stick to it. The amount of content you produce in a week will vary based on your industry, but it is important to just have goals.



Week Blog Facebook YouTube Google Plus Twitter UniqueArticleWizard Podcast Misc
Target  3
2/24/13  2 2 0 0 3 1 1 0

So each week we record the content we produced for each type on each site. With this chart, we are able to quickly visualize what we are doing and recognize if we have missed any content. Below I am linking a version of this chart that is created in spreadsheet for you to download and use to track all of your sites.

Niche Marketing Content Tracking