Update on the MI to FL trip

I will start by saying Orlando is where this leg of our trip has stopped. Business has been good and traffic on the roads horrible. So we decided it was in the best interest of both our wallet and the safety of our children to return to MI for the rest of the summer and do the Orlando to Key West stretch in the fall. The weather will be much cooler, humidity down and most important traffic will be less, plus we may actually be able to get a hotel room in Key West in September or October v’s July!

Secondly, I want to thank everyone for your overwhelming support. From friends and family who watched our animals to strangers along the way who guided us onto safer streets or packed lunches and snacks for our girls, there is no way we could have done this without your support. And my mom who flew in from Washington and spent 2 weeks on the road with us helping with Aspen, reading maps, finding hotels and being just an awesome help. And Scott’s parents who shuttled me all over MI and helped with my dog.

I know many people have been waiting for an update. It has been several weeks since Scott or I have been able to sit and actually compile a thought. When we got into GA Scott and I went our own ways. I took Aspen down to Orlando to fly back to Michigan and he continued on through GA into Florida with the girls. We both found ourselves single parenting and exausted. We had a system of posting updates that took both of us. But when we were apart things didn’t quite work out as it normally does. We had our system disturbed. He had cameras with him and the iphone and I had left my laptop in Florida when I flew to Michigan. So, as much as we had hoped to keep things totally updated daily, it clearly didn’t work that way.

Tim Ferriss says not to blog everyday- people learn to expect it. This is true. And honestly we were just trying to keep our sanity.  It is extremely hard to be on the road with 3 children and one just weeks old. I think many people forget what it is like to have a newborn, let alone imagine criss-crossing the country starting days (like 3 days) after giving birth. This country is a lot of rural abiss. And nearly from the second we entered into TN until mid Alabama we had no cell service. WiFi at hotels was shotty to say the best- so, we did the best we could.

Scott and the girls made it to Disney World on July 1st 2015!
18592_662540560546337_3931314069055508014_nThey raised over $1500 for children’s cancer research and each rode over 1700 miles down this country! It is amazing to have watched them and been a part of it. They actually rode their bikes right into the Disney World gates!

I flew back home to Orlando on July 7th 2015. It was a VERY long 18 days without my 3 loves. Aspen and I were more than thrilled to be together with them again.


Me being back with them also meant more pictures! 😀

When I flew in it was a Tuesday and we left our house by Sunday to head back to MI for about 8 weeks. But in those few days we did some of our most favorite Disney things! Plus found a few more awesome things to do like join a cycling club, pottery class and did our favorite Disney things- like watched the Lion King show at Animal Kingdom. Aspen loved this show!

We also found time to visit one of our favorite towns, Winter Garden, FL. This is where some really great bike trails run right through downtown and where our most favorite bike shop is! Wheel Works.  There we got Rainey a unicycle and Breeze a new tri bike. We though with such a great physical adventure the girls need a little reward.

Here are some of my pictures of the few days we were in FL together!

Of course I have more pictures, and of course technology is being a PITA at the moment and my phone will not talk to my computer. So, these will have to do for now.

We said goodbye to Kissimmee, FL for about 8 weeks on Sunday and headed north. We have landed in Benton Harbor, MI for 2 nights then back to Hillman for the rest of the summer. We learned many things on this trip, and have many stories, advice and tips to share as we settle down over the summer and into the fall.

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